Leading the World in Luxury Pontoon Boats, Houseboats, and House Yachts

Reina is the manufacturer of the world’s best luxury yacht homes. Our goal is to make a comfortable life on the water available to everyone. We are creating a whole new way of liveaboard cruising and recreational boating, with designs that merge luxury and accessibility.  We set out to do all this without compromising on quality. 

Reina designs strike the perfect balance between practical comfort, function, and luxury. Instead of following the traditional path, we are forging a new one. We are designing and building the kind of boats we want – boats that work for you, rather than the other way around. These new designs will shape the future of life on water. Our goal is to make luxury pontoon boats, houseboats, and house yachts accessible to more and more people across Florida, the US, and the world. 

Every member of our team has a part in making Reina work. The original designers of these boats dreamed about what was possible. They worked out the logistics. Exceptional craftsmen create these durable and reliable boats with their own hands and tools. Our customer service team helps everyday people re-envision their lives and shift into living on the water. At Reina, we are all about envisioning what is possible, and making changes to get there.

A Sustainable Future on the Water

We’re passionate about sustainability. We design to reduce emissions and promote longevity. We want to help you reconnect with nature, without compromising comfort and quality. Our yachts are sustainable tiny homes. You can live a life of luxury on the water in a Reina boat, with less than half of the emissions of an American house.

We made an adventurous, sustainable life on the water possible for our customers. What we want to do now is bring this way of life to everyone. In the next 5 years, we will make Reina houseboats available to customers across the United States, and around the world.

We can reduce emissions and get away from the rat race. We can minimize our stuff and spend our time and money on what matters. We can reconnect with nature and the water. We can get out of our comfort zones, and stay out of them. We can experience the luxury we deserve with Reina.

Open up your horizons, explore life on water with Reina !


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Reina is the manufacturer of the world’s first well-branded pontoon boats, recreational sea-borne vehicles and house yachts. We offer our clients an alternative experience to living and cruising on the water.



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