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MIAMI, FL – AUGUST 8, 2023 – This autumn marks the launch of an exciting new category of boat: the luxury house yacht. Not a traditional yacht, not a power catamaran, not a houseboat – the house yacht by Reina Boats blends the best elements of all three into a stylish vessel that will serve both as a yacht and a luxury home on the water.

This new concept is the brainchild of Reina Founders Hayri Dayi and Emin Günal. During the Covid pandemic, they saw a surge in popularity not only in the boating lifestyle but also in vacationing on the water with family. At the same time, however, they identified the need for a different kind of vessel that could deliver all the amenities people new to boating desired – and do it both affordably and with style.

“Many boats do not have the living space to provide all the accommodations and comforts people want. Power catamarans offer more volume but also have become quite expensive. That left houseboats as the only option,” Günal said.

In researching the U.S. houseboat market, however, Günal and Dayi realized that the vessel designs largely were outdated. “The existing houseboats were stuck in the design of the 1980s, and almost 90 percent of the houseboats on the water were commercially rented vessels. They were boats that yacht and catamaran owners would never consider buying,” Günal said.

That led the Reina team to develop the concept of the house yacht – a luxury vessel owners can take on yachting adventures as well as use to enjoy waterfront living in the marina. “Our goal is to make a comfortable life on the water available to everyone. We are creating a whole new way of liveaboard cruising and recreational boating with designs that merge luxury and accessibility. We set out to do all this without compromising on quality,” Günal said.

To make this concept a reality, Günal designed the Reina line of house yachts, including 26-, 34-, 44- and 60-foot models. The Reina line includes five models ranging from a “floating RV” to a luxurious, two-story “waterfront condo”. Each model features a fresh, upscale look with high-quality furniture and appliances and smart home technology.


The Reina Midi M34 Interior

“When designing the Reina line, the most important criterion was to create house yachts that could be used not only in lakes and canals like traditional houseboats but also in open seas. Reina complies with CE Class C, ABYC, and U.S. Coast Guard standards,” Günal said. “The boats are made entirely of marine-grade aluminium. They do not have pontoons in the traditional sense – The hull design is based on catamaran engineering principles. All the materials used in the interior and exterior spaces are commonly used in the yachting sector.”

The Reina line is powered by Mercury outboard engines, which align with Reina’s goal to help reduce emissions, promote sustainability and product longevity. “The latest generation of Mercury outboards exemplifies how advanced technology and thoughtful design can help to contribute to the preservation of natural environment,” Günal said. “They are fuel-efficient, remarkably quiet, and operate smoothly. They also are certified with an Ultra Low Emissions rating from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).”

In addition, Reina offers lithium-ion phosphate batteries as an alternative power source, eliminating the need to run a generator in order to further reduce emissions and promote sustainability.

Reina house yachts currently are being constructed in Turkey. The first model, the Reina Live 44DR, is scheduled to arrive in Miami in September and make its World Debut at the 2023 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show this October.


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