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Reina Boats, in partnership with Certified Professional Yacht Broker Ron Housman, enters the New England market

As the weather turns and the final, biting chill of winter gives way to the warm breezes of spring, the collective-mind of New Englanders turns to the water. The white sand beaches and calm back water bays of the shoreline, the peaceful lakes and ponds that inhabit the mountains in the west, the thawing of winter draws us to the water. A waterfront house has long been a dream.

But as an investment, these homes present significant risk. Limited inventory makes the initial investment costly. Increased exposure to flooding, storms and coastal erosion send insurance premiums northward. And all the salt makes the maintenance more expensive.

For these buyers, Reina Boats has partnered with New Englander and Certified Professional Yacht Broker Ron Housman to offer our full line of Reina house yachts in the northeast for the first time. A former craftsman of high-end custom furniture, Ron’s eye for quality and knowledge of quality yacht construction has built a reputation with luxury yacht buyers throughout New England.

“The Reina Live L44 DR is the perfect vessel for those New Englanders looking to relocate to the water,” says Housman. “The build, the portability, the craftsmanship and the design make this an excellent option for a pied-a-mer.”

Unveiled at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in 2023, the Reina Live L44 DR represents the flagship of the Reina house yacht line—our largest and most luxurious model. With features and design unavailable in waterfront homes at any price, the house yacht will change your mind about what life on the water can be.

A House That’s Built to Last

Every Reina house yacht is built to our exacting standards by our team of naval architects and engineers, using top-grade marine materials. Unlike a houseboat, the Reina Live L44 DR features a high-grade aluminum catamaran hull built in certified compliance with CE, ABYC, and US Coast Guard standards. Solar panels and low emissions ensure a sustainable lifestyle. With a Reina house yacht, you can be sure you’re buying a home for the future.

A Home That’s Built to Live

“Because I have lived on yachts for the past 41 years, I understand what makes a yacht livable and conducive to spending more time on board,” says Ron. “It’s all about layout and the ergonomics of the design. The L44 DR features a foredeck, living area, dining area, full kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, and two cabins. The expansive second-story deck with hardwood floors and glass safety railings provides a large space for entertaining or relaxation. The L44 DR features two separate cabins, a full, C-shape wraparound kitchen with lots of space, and both indoor and outdoor dining areas. A single-cabin version is also an option. The best part? Reina Yachts offers a level of customization that is unparalleled in this market in addition to its varied options of pre-engineered design concepts.”

An Investment That’s Built to Prosper

Put simply, what sets a Reina house yacht apart in the waterfront real estate market is the ability to transport the property anywhere on water or on land. The Reina Live L44 DR presents the opportunity to own a luxury condo in a high-end location for far less than the cost of properties of a similar profile. The portability allows owners to react to changing lifestyle needs and environmental conditions, and also to take advantage of reduced insurance premiums. Moreover, the Live L44 DR’s classification as a maritime vessel avoids property tax in most states—all of which makes the Reina House Yacht an attractive option for the savvy investor.

Interested parties should contact Ron Housman at ron@reinaboats.com or call him on 617-549-4123.

“I’m always available by phone, 24/7, to answer any question or take care of any problem that a client may have,” he says. “It’s as simple as that.”

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