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Customize your waterfront property and supplement your income with Reina Boats

At Reina Boats we occupy a unique space at the intersection of the real estate sector and the boating sector. While we have earned a reputation in the boating world for advanced naval architecture and building to luxury standards with our Reina House Yacht, we hold similar interest and experience in the real estate sector, and as such have introduced the Reina Blue Residence.

An ongoing, rigorous analysis of the Short-Term Accommodations market remains a key aspect of our development process. Our designers and engineers use insight into both the preferences and expectations of travelers, and the needs and priorities of property owners to design the fleet. The result – a second home designed on the core principle of flexible and versatile usage – can be customized to meet the needs of a market slated to reach $228.9B by 2030.

While the Reina House Yacht allows clients to take advantage of Reina’s manufacturing agility, customizable design options and flexible models with rental income opportunities, the Reina Blue Residence takes this concept one step further, offering waterfront property and marina owners the chance to:

Drive additional income on an existing footprint

The Reina Blue Residence Floating House is an excellent option for short-term vacation stays presenting an opportunity to generate extra income. Because vacationers and tourists prioritize unique accommodation options by the water, the Reina Blue Residence creates a lucrative investment opportunity for homeowners. Floating houses located in popular tourist destinations can attract a constant demand, providing significant potential for returns on investment.

Provide a unique experience

With fully customizable models ranging from the 36ft x 12ft one-bedroom Reina Shine to the multi-bedroom, 60ft x 20ft Reina Diamond, the Reina Blue Residence fleet offers a distinctive experience, right on the water. Distinguish your accommodations by providing your guests the unique opportunity to live a lifestyle unavailable in traditional homes. Whether you’re in the Reina House Yacht or the Reina Blue Residence, waking up to the soothing sounds of waves or watching the sunset over the bay provides unforgettable moments for those who live by the water.

A fully sustainable option

Equipped with advanced insulation and a 100% renewable energy system, both the Reina House Yacht and the Reina Blue Residence let owners pay respect to the waterfront property they sit on. The aesthetic, customizable design and use of renewable materials ensures that the Reina Blue Residence or House Yacht complements its surroundings, while allowing inhabitants to feel at one with nature. The scenic views and tranquility of being on the water offer homeowners a different perspective for their daily life.

The flexibility and portability to make it all work

Reina distinguishes itself with its modular approach to building, allowing for each build to be tailored to its intended use, be it a home on the water, a workspace, an event venue or more. Particularly when compared with traditional homes, the Reina Blue Residence is a flexible and versatile option, both inside and out. Its water-based portability allows homeowners to experience different waterfront areas or adapt to seasonal changes with ease. Inside, Reina offers an unlimited number of customizable features, from the number, size and placement of bedrooms and bathrooms, to the kitchen of your dreams – it’s all possible with the Reina.

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