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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – NOVEMBER 6, 2023 – Fort Lauderdale is known as the “yachting capital of the world” and boat builders go there from around the globe to launch their new models.* But among these many marine manufacturers, Reina Boats, a new entry to the market, has a business model that is unique. This fall, Reina is introducing its new line of Turkish-built house yachts from 24 to 60 feet to the boating industry in Fort Lauderdale, and is marketing them to the South Florida marina, real estate and hospitality industries.

Amenities of a waterfront home with the voyaging capabilities of a boat

The Reina Boats house yacht is a multipurpose vessel designed to combine the luxury and amenities of a waterfront home with the voyaging capabilities of a boat. For example, the Fort Lauderdale-based company’s first model, the Reina Live L44 DR, has a full kitchen, living and dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom, along with expansive outdoor living and dining space on its upper deck. While it looks like a stylish waterfront condo above the waterline, its aluminum, catamaran-style hull is built to CE Class C, ABYC and U.S. Coast Guard standards for seaworthiness.

Reina houseyachtsThe Reina Live L44 DR, has a full kitchen, living and dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The benefits of Reina house yachts for commercial use

Reina Boats developed the innovative house yacht concept to broaden the appeal for its products beyond the traditional marine marketplace. In addition to offering its house yacht models to owners for use as private yachts, Reina also is marketing them to businesses that will offer them commercially as long-term charter vessels, hotel rooms or short-term vacation rentals through platforms such as VRBO, Airbnb, Expedia and

“The difference is, when you rent or charter a Reina house yacht, you can enjoy the luxury of a second home with a 360-degree waterfront view and you also can take it on adventures away from the dock,” said Reina Boats Co-Founder Hayri Dayi.

Reina has been marketing this innovative business concept to a variety of different types of businesses in South Florida and The Bahamas. They include marinas, many of which offer boat rentals and charters in addition to slip rentals and other marine services. Today’s marinas increasingly incorporate resort amenities that are available to their boat-slip and boat-rental customers.

The Reina Live L44 DR has expansive outdoor living and dining space on its upper deck.


As a case in point, Reina Boats has partnered with the Isle of Venice Residences & Marina in Fort Lauderdale, to offer its flagship Reina Live L44 DR as a luxury waterfront short-term-rental. Guests will be able to enjoy the marina’s resort setting and location, which is convenient to the city’s downtown restaurants, shopping and world-famous beach. In addition, guests will be able to charter the Reina to cruise along the many waterways that make Fort Lauderdale known as “the yachting capital of the world.”

“We are excited to be the very first marina to offer guests the experience of renting a Reina house yacht. This will be an outstanding addition to our offerings at the Isles of Venice,” said Ilan Neuwirth, owner of Isle of Venice Residences and Marina.

Other types of businesses that will be able to benefit by partnering with Reina Boats include:

  • Companies that offer daily boat charters.
  • Luxury charter companies that manage a fleet of charter yachts for private owners.
  • Management companies that handle short-term vacation bookings for commercial and private owners.
  • Resort hotels with their own marina or jetty. In this case, a person renting a Reina will be able to take advantage of the resort’s services and amenities as well as the house yacht’s own accommodations.

“During the pandemic, we realized that there is a large, untapped market of people who want to enjoy the privacy, family togetherness and connection to nature that comes with boating but were unfamiliar with or intimidated by the prospect of owning a boat. Renting or chartering a Reina house yacht for long- or short-term use will provide these customers with the ability to experience life on the water in a whole new way. Ultimately, we feel many of them will become house yacht owners themselves in the long run,” Hayri said.

Explore the fleet of Reina house yachts and visit our blog for new announcements.

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*According to Visit Lauderdale.

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