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With its well-planned fleet of house yachts, Reina Boats offers on-water living to suit any lifestyle you desire. 

If you’re like us, you need to be near the water. Whether you’re looking for a place to live, somewhere to vacation with your family, or a hotel for a business trip, the closer to the water, the better. A lake, a harbor, a beach – you would stay in the water if you could. 

But what if living or vacationing near the water has been nothing more than a dream? Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or neophyte, the Reina Boats line of house yachts proposes a new concept of living on the water to propel that dream life into reality. Bridging the luxury of liveaboard cruising with the accessibility of recreational boating, our house yachts combine the comfort of a house boat, the luxury of a yacht, and the flexibility of a pontoon boat. 

With four models to choose from, we have a house yacht for everyone, whether you’re looking for a home office, a weekend getaway for your family, or a seaside pied a terre. It’s easier than you’ve ever imagined. A Reina house yacht brings you all of the amenities of luxury living coupled with the mobility of a power catamaran right there on your favorite body of water. 

About that water. Every Reina house yacht is built with sustainability in mind, allowing you to connect directly with the environment, without sacrificing quality construction or home comforts. With less than half the emissions of an average American house, a Reina house yacht enables an adventurous, sustainable lifestyle, no matter where you put it. 

So, where will you put it? 

The answer is, wherever you want. Our line of high-caliber, seaworthy and well designed house yachts are designed to work for you and your dream on-water lifestyle. 

Reina Mini T26

Changing Your Perspective with the Reina Mini T26 

The water is your second home, in fact it practically raised you. Being an avid boater, living in a houseboat was never a strong consideration, but there was something so compelling about the Reina Mini T26 that you had to take a look. 

Perhaps it was the functional layout, the storage considerations or the visibility from the helm that underscores the fact that this 26-footer was designed by boaters. But the large glass windows, living room, full kitchen, bathroom and deck areas made the Mini T26 the piece de resistance

This week you’re docked at the lake. The bass are feeding on top and you’ve got all day. This weekend you’ll be hauling out the Mini T26 and trailering her to Miami to raft up in Biscayne Bay. Life these days moves at a slower pace, but the stern outboard and solar panel augmentation give you just the right amount of power to enjoy the journey. 

Reina Hotel M32

Making the Investment With the Reina Hotel M32

You’ve vacationed together for years. You usually pick the hotel; they select the destination. You always end up near the water and every year you talk about where you would build that perfect vacation home. No one could ever agree on the location. This year is different. 

Looking out from the foredeck of your Reina Hotel M32 you think the view couldn’t possibly get any better. From the top deck of the Reina Hotel M32 docked next to you, Tom raises his glass in a quiet salute. Stumbling upon Reina Boats and their line of luxury house yachts at the boat show last month was the perfect solution. You both selected the Reina Hotel M32 model – Tom and Barb chose the QB layout with its central double bed while the SB model with two single beds met your needs.

Designed for optimal luxury, the Reina Hotel offers all of the amenities of a five-star hotel suite, including a bedroom with a work desk and foredeck balcony with table, a kitchenette, bathroom and closet space, and a spacious upper deck with a sofa, dining table and lounge chairs for relaxing, dining or sunbathing. 

The best part? The ability to offer your Reina Hotel M32 as a short term rental when you’re not onboard makes it a sound investment. 

Reina Midi M34

Taking the First Step with the Reina Midi M34 

You remember those early days, working out of your house. The business grew. Your new clients expected a nice office, right where the action is. 

Buying the Reina Midi M34 was the best decision you made. Its twin high-powered outboard engines brought you right downtown – and literally on the water. This new-generation house yacht is built for the work/entertainment lifestyle and its two-story layout comfortably accommodates up to 18 clients. Yet another sound investment, your Reina Midi M34 – like any model in the Reina house yacht range – can be rented out for client events, meetings or retreats. 

The upper deck offers plenty of space for meeting and dining, while solar panels provide power efficiency. Boasting a dedicated office space benefitting from the yacht’s Smart Home technology, a large kitchen, bathroom with a shower and a bedroom with a double bed and closets, the 34ft Reina Midi M34 is a mini home-from-home that allows you to live, work and entertain comfortably.

Reina Live L44

Finding Peace Aboard the Reina Live L44

You both wake up with the sun. Your wife hands you a cup of coffee. The kids are still asleep, exhausted from all the swimming the day before. It’s a good thing you got the Reina Live L44 DR so they could have their own cabin. 

You’d toured all of the other houseboats and even considered some yachts, but they didn’t have anywhere near the space, luxury finishes and state-of-the-art technology offered by the Smart Home system as the Reina house yacht. Since taking delivery of your Reina Live L44, weekends have been memorable and relaxing. It feels like every weekend you wake up to a different view. 

You steal upstairs to watch the mist sit over the water while your wife takes a shower. She said no to every lakefront cabin you showed her. But, after seeing the luxury appointments of the Reina Live L44 DR – the C-shaped wraparound kitchen, the indoor/outdoor dining areas, the hardwood floors… – she couldn’t say no. 

The sun casts a glow over the forward bed of solar panels, and you’re secure that you’re doing what you can to protect this lake for those kids downstairs – and maybe their kids too. 

Two excited sets of footsteps are climbing up the spiral stairs. You finish your coffee. A new day begins. 

Come check out Reina Boats’ full line of house yachts, for wherever the water takes you.


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