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A cruiser houseboat should not be confused with a house yacht. The differences between the two are as stark as the comparison between a pontoon boat and a superyacht.

Offering maneuverability, solid naval architecture and engineering, and luxury amenities, the Reina House Yacht sits in a class above.

The Cruiser Houseboat: Simplified Accommodations for Still Waterways

The houseboat has a long, well-earned reputation for enabling a simplified lifestyle, one that offers spartan living, but close to the water. Seeking a calm bay and a beautiful view? A cruiser houseboat shines. (Think Father’s well-loved recliner and a burner stove for instant coffee in the morning.) Often built by its owner on an aluminum, sheet metal or wooden hull and designed to fit on an available pontoon platform, the houseboat provides an economical, stripped down option for calm ponds or inland waterways.

With a cruiser houseboat, coming off mooring can be an adventure — generally they’re not built to any class or maritime standards. Navigating a houseboat is, well, tricky to say the least. A houseboat may have a basic electrical panel and a basic navigation system — it’s easy enough to float it to the marina and back once a season, provided you have the right weather.

The Reina House Yacht: Engineered Excellence to Elevate Your Experience On The Water

A premium watercraft, designed by naval architects and engineered to rigorous maritime standards, the Reina House Yacht sets new standards for life on the water, prioritizing luxury, performance and cruising features in one intuitive and sustainable package.

Design, Engineering & Build

Reina Boats works with leading naval architects and engineers to build the Reina House Yacht. Our vision was to create a livable watercraft to meet both broader usage demands and higher seaworthy performance expectations. To do so, we combined the principles of catamaran and yacht design to redefine the category.

Technologically advanced, House Yachts utilize 12V/24V/110V electrical systems and come equipped with cutting-edge electronic and navigation systems, opening up a world of access and comfort.

Moreover, Reina HouseYachts are built atop aluminum or fiberglass hulls with with top-grade materials. Reina House Yachts are equipped like a yacht, with an underwater hull to house accessible pumps and tanks and all of the comforts of a luxury yacht such as air conditioning, navigation systems, a fully equipped galley, full ensuites with showers and SmartHome electronics packages and media consoles.

Standards & Certifications

Every Reina House Yacht is manufactured in certified compliance with CE, ABYC, and Coast Guard standards. Wave resistance is in accordance with the SINIF system under European standards.
Additionally, every Reina House Yacht is built to the world’s most rigorous standards: our own.

Cruising & Performance

A cruiser houseboat is difficult to navigate; a house yacht lets you cruise. Just because you live a life of leisure doesn’t mean you don’t need to get where you’re going. It’s for this reason that we built the Reina House Yacht to reach a cruising speed of 6 knots and a maximum speed of 14 knots. Moreover, the House Yacht is usable in all seas (contingent on weather conditions and equipment), affording access to waters not navigable by lesser watercraft.

Features & Furnishings

The Reina House Yacht differs from a houseboat in its features and furnishings. Unlike a houseboat that can run the gamut when it comes to interior accessories and finishes, a House Yacht prioritizes luxurious accommodations, including top-grade marine fabrics, woodwork, stonework and finishes. Every Reina House Yacht is SmartHome enabled, providing the latest in tech advancements at your fingertips, and on the water.

A Class By Itself

With its superior build, technological superiority, top-grade materials, compliance with maritime standards, professionally-designed naval architecture, expansive usability, and opulent comfort, the Reina House Yacht is a premium watercraft that redefines what life on the water can be. It’s time to step out of the houseboat and into the House Yacht. Discover the difference – contact us today.

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