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From short-term waterfront rentals to stand-alone business opportunities, the Reina House Yacht model offers myriad platforms for investment.

Savvy investors have been including waterfront real estate in their portfolios for generations. Attracted first by the lifestyle it can provide, historically, waterfront investors have been rewarded with high rental demand, ensuring consistent income from strong occupancy rates. Moreover, the scarcity of waterfront real estate can drive appreciation, making it a valuable long-term investment, even as a vacation home.

The Pros And Cons Of Waterfront Investing

Recently, however, some of the risks have come to the forefront. With high valuations come high taxes, insurance coverage has become unpredictable, maintenance costs continue to rise, and environmental concerns threaten long-term value. While still attractive to many, the risks of waterfront real estate have driven investors to seek out alternatives.

Now there is a new investment model to consider. With a Reina house yacht, you get the traditional benefits of a luxury waterfront investment property, with added mobility and more efficient maintenance, all without paying property taxes.

Reina Hotel M32

Location, Location, Location. Or, All Three.

Most agree: the principal benefit of investing in a Reina house yacht is the ability to own a luxury property and to be able to transport it anywhere on water or on land. A model like the Reina Live L44 DR presents the opportunity to own a condo in a high-end location for far less than the cost of rental properties of a similar profile.

“The old real-estate adage is undoubtedly true,” says Reina Boats’ President Hayri Dayi. “It’s what makes the Reina house yacht such a unique investment opportunity: it sits at the cross section of the yachting and real estate sectors. Being able to purchase a luxury property, and then put it wherever you want, is a major buying point for our customers.”

Changing environmental conditions are driving a further premium in mobility. Communities up and down the coasts have watched their rental values plummet when faced with hurricanes or conditions like sargassum or red tide.

“The mobility of Reina Live L44 DR lets our owners protect their investments from changing environmental conditions: be it rising water levels or quality considerations like sargassum or red tide. The ability to choose the ideal conditions for your house or rental property on an ever-changing basis is a real advantage.”

Reina Hotel M32

Pay Less In Taxes

Equally attractive to prospective investors is the opportunity to avoid property taxes. According to ATTOM Data, total property taxes rose close to 4% in 2022, with no relief in sight. Added to that, in many states oceanfront and lakefront property is often subject to higher tax rates regardless of usage classification. It makes the chance to avoid those taxes altogether that much more appealing.

“It is a major consideration for all of our customers,” says broker Jason Dunbar of Luke Brown Yachts. “But particularly for our investment-focused clientele. Property tax rates have been dynamic, particularly for premium properties. Owning an upscale space like a Reina Live L44 SR without paying property tax is an incredible opportunity.”

Reina Hotel M32

Commercial Opportunities Aboard

Reina Boats has been delighted to draw interest from businesses that see the boundless commercial opportunities with a Reina house yacht. Daily charter businesses looking to include a premium offering for special events, celebrations, and corporate meetings are migrating to the Reina Hotel M32 for its size and sophistication. Its unique live-aboard features gives them a vessel that earns whether on the water or at the dock.

Hotels and resorts look to the Reina Hotel M32 to upscale their offering and provide an elite waterfront experience. Properties can expand on an existing footprint, or reallocate their house yacht fleet to meet seasonal demand. Lodges can provide top flight amenities within arm’s reach of the world’s finest white sand beaches, coral reefs or pristine fishing flats.

Equally beneficial to investors is the opportunity for stand-alone businesses that the Reina house yacht provides. An ideal platform for a yoga studio, on-water boutique, cafe or home office, such as the arrangement in the Reina Midi M34, any of the Reina house yachts can be customized to suit a commercial venture.

“What’s so exciting are the opportunities we haven’t even thought of yet,” says Dayi. “Investors, as well as our customers, bring us new ideas every day. We can’t wait to see how people use their house yacht.”

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